Natural Wellness

IMG_9644Natural wellness is a perspective that looks at the health of a whole person, rather than focusing on illness or disease. From this holistic point of view, each person is unique and supports their wellbeing in all areas— physical, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental. On my own personal journey with Multiple Sclerosis, I have found that a healthy way of life is best supported by living in close connection to nature, from spending mindful time outside, to eating whole foods, to spending time sharing stories and songs around the fire with family and community. When we reconnect to our natural, human roots in these ways, we feed our bodies, minds and spirits and shift ourselves into a life where we are truly able to thrive.

I will be sharing my personal journey with MS and strategies that have worked for me in future posts. I also offer personal wellness coaching and mentoring programs for those who would benefit from one on one sessions. You can read more about those offerings here. I look forward to continued connection on our journeys through life.

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