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How to: Soft-Fiber Basketry | Classes with Nicole Apelian

Did you know I teach soft-fiber basketry classes? I absolutely love creating these beautiful baskets in all sizes, and I enjoy teaching others how to do the same even more!

Below are a few photos from two recent soft-fiber basket making classes I taught locally – one class was held in Raymond, Washington and one in Boring, Oregon. Many wonderful baskets were made! Once you’ve learned the technique I teach you’ll enjoy using all sorts of materials to weave your baskets.

If you’re interested in being a part of one of my soft-fiber basket classes and in learning how to make your own baskets there are a few options:

Stay tuned to my Facebook events page – I always announce new classes there.  Or, if you are within a reasonable drive and you can get eight or more people together I will travel to you to teach! Get in touch if you’d like to schedule a group class, or to register for an existing class.

Group classes are great for families and friends, office and company groups looking for unique and creative group experiences, birthday parties, groups looking to build community, and people who simply want to learn a new craft or skill. Classes are open to kids and teens 12 and older with good motor skills.

In the meantime, have a look at the photos below to see the materials we use, and the wonderful end result of these fun soft-fiber basket classes!

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