Primitive/Traditional Skills Gatherings

Nicole can often be found instructing at the following gatherings, along with many other highly skilled teachers.

Buckeye ( Chico, CA
Echoes-In-Time ( Monmouth, OR
Between the Rivers ( Chewelah, WA
Sharpening Stone ( Grants Pass, OR
Saskatoon Circle ( Twisp, WA
Rabbitstick and Wintercount ( Rexburg, ID and Maricopa, AZ

For a list of other gatherings across the country see here »

Miscellaneous Links

tree clouds
  • Primitive archery supplies, workshops and custom wood bows:
  • Eco Tours International promotes restorative and responsible ecotourism
  • Alone, airing Thursdays at 9:00 EST/PST. For more information and past episodes see
  • Justin Vititoe, part of the Alone team, heads up this non-profit that is designed to help other veterans who are having difficulty transitioning into civilian life.
  • – Larry is also part of the Alone team and has great information on traditional skills.
  • – Randy Champagne, of History’s Alone and a BOSS survival instructor, offers excellent courses for all skill levels.
  • Jon Young, whom I work with closely, is an expert on nature connection, tracking and mentoring. He was greatly inspired by his own mentoring by the great tracker Tom Brown, Jr. We work together with the San Bushmen in Botswana, and here in the States, using parts of their toolbox to expand deep nature connection here at home.
  • To learn more about how to interpret and use bird language please see
  • Wilderness Way Adventures is a non-profit founded by Mike Lowe from “Alone”. The outdoor, Christian ministry specializes in wilderness survival and rescue training.